Food Producers wanted for TV

We have been asked to try and find food producers to put forwards for a Channel 4 TV show

Have a read, and if interested, fill in the form below:


For our show we want to highlight the amount of care that goes into products made by small producers, and help viewers understand how special these artisanal foods really are – i.e.  the difference between a block of mass produced cheese, and a hand crafted cheese, for example. It may cost more, but the flavours, texture and provenance of the foods speak for themselves. To put it simply, we are launching a bit of a campaign for the passion behind great local foods!


We are currently scouring the country for the best products to feature in our series. We are interested in local foods that are rooted in their area, either through history, or through a sense of ‘terroir’.


Whilst we want to celebrate artisan producers big and small, we are particularly interested in finding a few small producers who feel that they or their product may need a bit of help to get it out to a bigger market. We are hoping to use the platform of a TV show to help raise awareness of a few products and help the producers garner more local support for their wares.


The kind of products we are interested in vary from meat to dairy to fish to baked goods – anything is possible, but we are after the spark of an interesting story and people genuinely interested in finding some help with marketing or some aspect of their product.


Filming would take place this summer, and would mean two days filming in late August and another one day in mid-September. We’d want to film the farmer or producer(s) about their day, and do a short interview with them and members of their team or family. We’d want to film a few stages of the product being made, or the animals in the field and so on. All quite straight forward and our team would be able to answer any queries or concerns should someone be put forward to take part.


The attitude and spirit of the programme is very positive and is about celebrating Britain’s local food heroes, underlining the amount of work, care and attention that goes into these special foods.